What To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party

Imagine you are going to a 70’s disco party with your friends tonight. What’s the most important thing? It’s your outfit! Wearing a perfect disco outfit, you're sure to be the center of attention!

You might feel a little shy when you're wearing a sequined miniskirt or velvet lounge suit to a 70's disco ball. But a good 70's party is packed with people in exaggerated disco outfits they probably wouldn't wear anywhere else. Disco fashion is all about looking glamorous on the dance floor, so consider form and function when you evaluate your party outfits, and remember that everyone looks great under the lights of a disco ball.

Let’s see how to choose the best 70's party outfits.

First, start with shape

Whether you're creating a disco costume out of your own, or you're planning to buy a new one, the first thing to consider is the shape of the outfit. Shape is everything in disco fashion. Once you know what the look looks like, you can easily mix and match pieces that fit the disco aesthetic. Disco fashion is all about a night out, so people tend to wear clothes that accentuate their body shape and show off some skin.

For a true 70's look, try opting for high waist pants

Flares, sleeves and collars were common design elements of the disco era. If you want to wear long pants, choose the most exaggerated flares you can find. High waist wide-leg pants, flared jumpsuits and lounge suits are also great for a 70's party. Or take the opposite approach and show off your thighs by wearing shorts, also said hot pants or miniskirts.

This stylish 70's Disco Fashion Outfit for Women will make you stand out at your next Disco Party! Featuring a timeless halter top and high waist wide-leg pants, this fun and vibrant Disco costume is perfect for any 70's-themed event.

halter top and wide-leg pants

Keep it relaxed and comfortable with some flared pants. Pair the trendy top with some classic flares for a disco party look. Don’t just wear blue flares; instead, try creating a theme with your outfit. For example, try pairing a dark sleeveless top with pink paisley flared pants! For a more masculine look, try wearing a light yellow dress shirt with gold trousers.

The great thing about wearing bell bottoms to the disco ball is that they're coming back in trend, so you'll have new pants that you can mix and match with your usual outfits.

As for the disco shirt, opt for a tank top, halter top or bodysuit to show off your ample skin. If you prefer to wear long sleeves, choose a button-down collar shirt with the first few buttons unbuttoned. Use double-sided tape under the neckline so that the neckline flares out towards the shoulders. Farmhouse-inspired bell-sleeve shirts are also great for a 70’s disco ball.

Choose trendy colors and fabrics

Dressing for a disco themed party is a great opportunity to pick up sequins, rhinestones, satin, velvet and other luxurious or ostentatious fabrics. For example, pair a sequined tank top with a velvet miniskirt, or veer toward the hippie end of fashion. That might mean neutral colors and natural fabrics: think brown corduroy pants and denim. When in doubt, tie-dye fabrics in vibrant colors always scream 70's.

Add purple eye shadow to match purple shirts

It doesn't always have to be a dress that you have to wear.Made with soft and light sequin material, you can enjoy a comfortable yet stylish look. This disco outfit is one of my favorites. You can play around with the color and match your eye shadow with the color of your top. Sparkle and shine as you take to the dance floor- you'll be the star of the show! Matching suits are so popular this year, why not bring them to the party? A great way to elevate it is to opt for a brightly colored, sparkly jacket over the top. It would be a great addition to this purple suit.

purple disco outfit

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Put on the chunkiest, brightest pair of heels you can find

"You should be dancing!" You won't be able to leave the dance floor when Donna Summer hits the stage. Colorful dresses in metallic shades look amazing because they change color as you move and look different from every angle. The easiest way to make this outfit more on-theme is to choose the chunkiest, brightest heels to match your outfit. A woman heading to a trendy disco club in the 70’s might have worn platform heels or sneakers. Any style of platform shoes or a pair of tall boots will complement your 70's look.

Your flared pants and sleeveless tee, tie-dye miniskirt or lounge suit are all ready to go. But how should you pull off a chic 70's look? Defines your hair and makeup, adding shine and volume to your look. Roll long hair into the famous Farrah Fawcett flip. Style shorter hair to be as shaggy and curly as possible. Curl your hair with a curling iron instead of slicking it! 

As for accessories? Mini disco ball jewelry, headbands spanning foreheads, large hoop earrings, peace sign necklaces, chokers and round hippie glasses are silly, but signatures of 70's clothing.

Pair some shiny pants with a skinny top for an extra chic look. If you don't want to wear a jumpsuit but still want to look fun and easy, try shiny, trendy pants and a fitted top! If you don't like long sleeves, wear a sleeveless top with brightly colored shiny pants.

For example, try wearing a pair of shiny blue pants with a teal bandeau or sleeveless shirt. For a bold long-sleeve option, try a black shirt with bright red pants.

If you prefer more traditional options, choose a dance skirt. Unlike spandex and bodysuits, dance skirts allow you to look feminine without looking too garish. Opt for solid color dresses in bright colors to stand out at parties.

For example, try wearing a bright red dance dress with white high-heeled sandals.

Bring out your inner disco diva and light up the dance floor in one of our 70's Disco outfits for women! Perfect for any disco-themed party, each outfit features a glittery, bold, and stylish disco costume that is sure to make you the life of the party. The groovy get-up includes everything you need to make a statement for any 70's-themed event. Step out of your comfort zone, take risks, and feel bold and glamorous! It's time to disco!

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