Medieval Corset

Maybe you want to have a corset that is both plain and well-designed? A medieval corset might be ideal, it's full of life and rhythm. Medieval corsets are fastened with buttons at the front, padded at the chest, narrowed at the waist, and symmetrical. This is the most striking feature of the corset medieval. Wear it and you'll be the brightest among the crowd.

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12 products

Medieval Corset Costume Introduction

Do you pursue simple and low-key clothes more than sexy clothes? Then a medieval corset dress is very suitable for your clothing.

People have always kept pace with the times in their pursuit of beauty. In medieval times dresses are beautiful in simplicity and simplicity, especially for the lower working women. Influenced by Christianity, women seldom dress up deliberately, and the clothing styles of civilians and nobles are basically the same.

Medieval corsets rarely have prints, and the most typical feature is a large area of lace on the chest. It contrasts nicely with the floral corset. If you are an independent and confident woman, check out medieval times dresses. Trust me, it will surprise you.