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Costumes with Corsets Ideas

The fashion of the corset has not disappeared, it has always been a fashion item sought after by trendy women. As a fashion item that has remained in perennial fashion trends, how to wear it properly? Here are a few corset costume ideas.

1. Wear it with a shirt

The shape of the corset, worn over the shirt, turns it into a kind of dress. Oddly, it looks raw, especially if the corset is made of leather. It contrasts nicely with white and looks great with the same leather boots.

2. Wear it with a T-shirt

The corset was worn on top, not underneath clothing. It's stunning and unusual costume ideas with a black corset. Not everyone is ready for such an experiment, but once you start, you'll love it.

3. Wear it with wide-leg pants

The wide cut and dense material of the pant keeps its shape. This corset costume idea looks more elegant and feminine. The slim waist accentuates the bust.

4. Match skirt

A pencil skirt with a jacket becomes a business style, with a different kind of business charm. The slim long skirt and the fullness of the chest elongate the figure, making it look thinner and more feminine.