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Corset is a kind of clothing designed to give your body a specific shape. Corsets always contain layers of fabric and lace that are used to create the shape you want. The most common type of corset is one that uses bones in the front and back to provide support and shape.

Corset has come a long way since its inception, crossing the boundaries of underwear, corset can be worn alone or as part of a dress or skirt, it can also be used when you are wearing a thin top or dress. Most corsets share the same basic characteristics of a streamlined figure and a narrower waist. Corset has long been associated with women's clothing, but now men also wear it.

However, there are now many different types of corsets that vary in style, material and purpose. Corset types can be divided into different categories, different kinds of corsets may have some difference. Whether you are considering investing in your first corset or just want to add to your collection, taking the time to understand the different corset types is worth the extra effort of. To better understand the different types of corsets, you can determine exactly which style types of corset is best for your needs. Here are the main corset types and styles to consider and how to wear them…

Different Types Of Corsets

Corset Type: Overbust Corset

Overbust corset is the most classic corset style and is usually what you might think of when you're asked to imagine a corset. Overbust corset comes in a variety of styles, this style covers the bust and usually ends just above the hips. Overbust corsets lift the bust while reducing the waistline, and they also provide support for the back.

Overbust corset can be worn on alone, under or over clothing, and is quite possibly the most versatile corset style among the most types of corset tops. Overbust corset also helps shape small waists and small hips. This is very helpful for women with larger busts or who have had children. Overbust corsets also help shape a slim waistline so they look slimmer overall when wearing clothes tied around the waist. You might even consider wearing this style corset alone with skinny jeans or fitted leather pants for an evening out, or under a dress to shape the ideal hourglass body.

Corset Type: Underbust Corset

Underbust corset is a type of corset sits below the bust, so it does not provide support for the breasts. You need a bra with good support over your bust. Underbust corsets can be used either as weight-loss underwear or as a fashion accessory, depending on the wearer's fashion preferences.

If you want to use a corset as a stylish fashion accessory, wear it over a skirt. Not only will this accentuate your curves, it will accentuate your overall look. While underbust corsets don't support your breasts, they do wonders for controlling your curves and giving you an hourglass figure. The main advantage of the under bust corset is its versatility. You can invest in a simple underbust corset that you can match in a thousand different ways and with thousands of outfits.

Corset Type: Waist-Cincher

Waist-cincher is a short corset that will just only cover the waist area. It almost seems like a wide corset belt which will give you only a little waist compression compared to other corset types. Waist-cincher is the shortest of all the types of corsets. It is long in the middle, back and front, but shorter on the sides, covering the entire waist like a wide belt. It also only focuses on reducing your waistline. Therefore, it is also classified as a type of belt.

Typically, this style types of corsets reduces the waist well for an hourglass shape, it also helps you maintain your posture and provides support for your back.

Corset Type: Waspie

Waspie is a different corset styles with a length between underbust corset and waist cincher. This type of corsets is designed to create an impossibly small waist by significantly clipping the waist and nearly cutting the body in half. It's so named because you look like a wasp with a segmented body when you wear it. This kind of corsets create a little pressure in the chest and abdomen. But waspie is mostly seen as a fashion accessory worn over dresses and shirts. Also known as waist training corsets, they are also effective in permanently reducing the wearer's waistline.

Waspies also help bring a modern twist to your classic dress. Wear them over your skirt and complete your look with a stunning hairstyle or a flower. When worn as a fashion accessory, the waspie can make you look gorgeous at a formal event or wedding.

Like all Meet Costumes corsets, the Waspie features spiral and flat bone for flexibility, comfort and strength.

Corsets have been used as fashion and beauty aids for centuries. They have been used since ancient times as a way to create an hourglass figure for women. This was especially important since women with short stature at that time had no other way to make their clothes look "curvaceous". However, each era has different corset types and styles .


These types of corset were popular in the early 20th century, from 1900 to 1910. Most of them extend under your hips, pushing your hips back and your chest out, making your body curve in an S shape.


You can easily recognize this corset styles because of its scalloped bottom, flat sides, shoulder straps, lacy back and tapered torso. Its length ends at the waist, giving you a chiseled butt. The top is flat but it will push against your breasts, make you look with the squeezed cleavage.


The Victorian corset type popular in the mid-1900s, but it was not as comfortable as the Elizabethan corset. It's an extra-cut corset that squeezes your ribs to reduce waist size to achieve a classic hourglass shape. Victorian corset style also has a curved bust line, a pointed or heart neckline, and a pointed bottom.

When you put on this type of corset, it's not just your waistline that changes. It also shortens your body, making you feel less confident and more vulnerable. Your breasts may also be more prominent than usual, and your hips may appear wider. This is why Victorian corset  was so closely associated with female.

When choosing a corset, there are a few things to consider before buying:

What type of material do you want? Cotton is the most commonly used material for corsets, it is very comfortable against the skin. But it is not very strong if too much weight is put on it over time. Steel bones are also commonly used in modern corsets, but this can cause discomfort. But you can still find different kinds of corsets made with plastic bones.

As with any other fabric item, manufacturers use different types of materials to produce corsets. You'll find that most types of corsets are made of:

Brocade:  If you want an eye-catching bodice that exudes grace and elegance, this material is the perfect choice.

Cotton:  This is the best material for a corset that you like to wear under clothing or when you live in a humid area due to its fabric breathability.

Lace:  Similar to cotton, lace is breathable but will give you a sexier feel. You can also wear it under thin or sheer clothing as it is not as thick as cotton.

Leather:  As a thick material, leather bodice can be worn over clothing or worn alone as steampunk corsets.

Mesh:  Like lace, mesh is breathable, lightweight and thin, perfect for summer and hot weather, as well as thin or transparent clothing.

PVC:  Probably the sexiest corset material, PVC will frame your figure well as long as you wear it perfectly. Remember, like leather, PVC corsets are best worn over clothing because of their thickness.

Satin:  This shiny, smooth, smooth material makes the corsets look luxurious. Just make sure it's moderately thick.

A corset is a garment that women use to change the shape of their torso. It is worn to control the waistline and alter its natural shape. Because corsets shape the figure through non-stretch fabrics and steel or plastic bones, it's important to choose the right size and order from a quality brand. 

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