The Corset Trend: How To Wear a Corset

Corsets can be used to change the shape of a woman's body, supporting and shaping the body by tightening the waist. There are kinds of Ways to wear a corset. You can wear corsets alone or as part of a dress or skirt. Corsets can also be used as an outer garment when you are wearing a thin top or dress, creating more coverage for your body.

Corsets help flatten the belly, which may make them more preferred by women who are pregnant or trying to lose weight. It also helps shape the small waist and hips. This is helpful for women with larger busts or who have had children. Corsets also help shape a slim waistline so they look slimmer when wearing corsets around the waist.

Here are some matching ideas of wearing a corset : 

1. Wearing corset as a crop top: Many modern corsets are slightly above or below the belly button, making them ideal for wearing as crop tops. Pair a cropped corset with a miniskirt for a night out on the town, or tuck a strapless white corset into some high-waisted skinny jeans and add a cardigan on top for warmth. Experiment with different colors and patterns to make the outfit more or less formal. A lace corset top with a midi skirt is a sophisticated date night look, while a simple white or black corset top with a pair of wide-leg pants or culottes is a casual daytime look.

2. Wearing corset as a retro shapewear: The corset shape wear will smooth the contours of your torso, tighten the waist and supports the bust, no bra required if you usually wear a bra. Wearing a corset under a vintage dress for a more authentic Victorian or mid-twentieth century look. For modern style, wearing corset under a more form-fitting outfit, such as a bias-cut or body-hugging dress. Choose cotton, silk or satin corset as these fabrics will slide under the skirt without creating any creases or lines.

3. Wearing corset over shirts: A leather corset (or steampunk corset top) layered over an oversized white button-down shirt is a classic look you can wear tops and bottoms. Style this outfit with a pair of leather pants and heels, or turn the look into a mini dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots. Layer a bodice over a corset top with puff sleeves for a nod to the Medieval In winter, you can wear a turtleneck under the corsetfor extra warmth.

4. Wearing corset over a skirt: Wear a corset over a skirt to accentuate your hourglass figure and accentuate your creativity. It works with flowy pieces(like maxi dresses), or fitted pieces (like body-hugging dresses), for an extra edge. Wear corsets over the top to add some character to dress and cover up some classic style with a blazer.

3 Tips for Wearing a Corset

There are many ways to wear corset. But the key of wearing a corset is to choose the right size and style, and gradually tightening it over time to improve comfort and prevent injury. Follow these tips if you want to wear a traditional lace up button corset.

1. Choose the appropriate waist size. Corset are designed by waist size, so you'll need to measure yourself firstly. Wrap the tape measure around the natural curve of your waistline and guide the tape measure through your belly button. Your corset size will be slightly smaller than your waist size. Don't worry about getting too small - the laces on the back makes the corset adjustable.

2. Put on your corset. When you're wearing a corset for the first time (or the first few times), it's important to wear a corset for comfort and the right size. Tie your corset loosely and wear it for only two hours once a time. As the corset blends into your figure, start tightening your clothes, tying your laces tighter each time when you daily wear corset.

3. Tighten carefully. If your corset hurts your waist or makes it hard to breathe, it's lace-up too tight. While a corset can tighten your waist, it shouldn't be painful to wear. Wearing a corset that is too small or too tight can damage your torso. When tightening your corset, always start loose and work your way up over time.

Check that if the corset is pre-tied. When you buy a corset, it may already be tied for you. If that's the case, don't worry about tying the corset unless it's not tied properly. It should look similar to how shoelaces are laced (with an X), but the laces meet in the center of the back instead of the ends.

lacing the corset

If your corset is pre-laced, make sure the laces meet in the middle. The two laces should form an "X" with the center of the front meeting on your spine. Corsets on Meet Costumes are all pre-tied, you don't need to worry about that when you wearing a corset.

Put on your corset. Stand in front of a mirror and put on a corset without help. It's great if someone helps you put your corset on, and it definitely makes things easier. However, it is possible to put on a corset by yourself. Use a mirror if you're wearing a corset alone. It's a good idea to have a few mirrors around so you can see exactly what you're doing.

put on a corset

Make sure your corset is oriented correctly. The side with the laces is the back. The side with holes and knobs is the front of the corset. When you are ready to put it on, the front of the corset should be open and the laces at the back should be closed. If you have an underbust corset, it can be tricky to tell which side is the top and bottom. Often the top of the back will be straighter than the bottom, but not always.

Wrap the corset around yourself. First close the front. You may need to make some adjustments. You should be able to close the front bust fairly easily, although some resistance is good. You shouldn't need to inhale hard to get it to close. Some people like having to pull hard to get the front closed. Others believe that making the rear looser makes it easier to close the front. Try to find out which way to to wear a corset top works for you. 

Tighten the laces so that the corset can be secured. Tie your laces tight enough so that the corset stays on without being lifted. All you have to do is pull the sides together and gently pull on the long end of the tie.

tighten a corset

Please remember, everyone's body is different. If you use a corset as part of your existing fitness goals, several factors can affect your results: lifestyle, diet, genetics, and your adherence to a corset

If you're not used to wearing a corset, there are some interesting styling options for you on Meet Costumes. Corsets can be used as underwear or as outerwear, depending on the style of corset you get. 

In general, if you want to hide the corset under clothing, you'll want to choose an outer fabric that's not too thin or fit; otherwise, the corset may show through. It may take some trial or error to determine which ways to wear corsets works best for you.  

Also, sometimes you need to give your corset a break to keep it clean and keep its shape. By picking several different styles of corsets in your wardrobe, you can maintain your waist training regimen with multiple style options.

Don't forget that a corset can be a gorgeous piece when used as outwear. Wearing a corset with a feminine top or dress for a sexy, retro look.

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