Underbust Corset VS Overbust Corset

There are a few things to consider when checking out the difference between overbust corset top and underbust corset—and decide which is right for you. While the name makes the difference seem pretty straightforward, there are a few qualities to consider when determining if your body type or goal is better for an overbust corset or underbust corset.

If you are planning to do waist training or shape your body, and want to wear a corset every day, you may choose to start with a underbust corset rather than an overbust corset.Below you will find some helpful points to help you choose the right corset!Today, in this article we will discuss why beginners generally prefer to start with a leather underbust corset, instead of a overbust corset;

However, overbust corsets have some potential benefits that underbust corset does not have. If you're curious about the potential benefits of the Overbust corset, you're more than welcome to read on.

difference between Underbust Corset and Overbust Corset

Underbust Corset : More Flexible

The overbust bodice is longer and higher on the torso than the underbust corset. The overbust also often wraps around the back and is as high or higher than your wing bones. But underbust girdle only wraps around the lower waist and belly. Just because of this, an overbust corset restricts your movement and provides a narrower range of motion than a short underbust corset. You may not be able to stretch or bend as you normally would in order to move "naturally" while wearing your overbust corsets. If you need to move around at work or if that's important to you, a underbust bust will work better for you. Plus size underbust corset are more flexible.

But please note that, those person with limited mobility may actually prefer it, as it may limit the possibility of injury from hyperextension or flexibility.

Underbust Corset : Less Prominent Under Clothes

If you want to wear your corset under your clothing, like, hide it under your shirt, then a underbust bodice may look more natural. You know what, overbust corsets don't support the breasts the same as modern bras. Most plus size overbust corset for large bust don't have the individual cups found in bras. However, the vast majority of traditional non-cup top bras do not have the same breast shape under clothing, and they are usually expensive.

A overbust corset that is too large may flatten the bust and doesn't provide a noticeable underwire area where you can see where the ribs and breasts separate. Wearing an overbust corset under a tight or fitted shirt can sometimes make you look noticeably different because it can make your breasts taller than your bra or make the top half of your breasts appear fuller.

Because of this, the overbust corset produces more cleavage than the bra for  some people. If this type of attention makes you uncomfortable, in order to create a less pronounced silhouette under your clothes, you might just want to wear a standard bra and a underbust corset outfit.

Underbust Corset : Easier To Fit Correctly

Compared to overbust corset tops, underbust corset belts are easier to fit on a variety of body types.

Think about how many different bra brands and designs there are and how many women need to customize their bras to get the support, form, and comfort they want. There are a lot of things to consider for a corset overbust when it comes to getting your breasts attached. The height of the corset must be high enough to cover the wearer's chest, and the bust must be high enough for the wearer to feel comfortable. It has to be the right size - not too big, not too small. Spills should not occur in the armpits, back, outside the cup, etc. It can be really hard to fit on a corset overbust.

Think about how many standard-sized overbust corsets top are available, they are significantly more scarce and only fit a narrower range of wearer bust sizes. If your bust is more than 10" larger than the waist size (eg, 36" bust and 26" waist), you may forget to look for a normal-sized overbust corset that fits your bust. Go for a semi-custom or full custom , preferably professionally outfitted with one or more models to ensure a correct fit is the only way to guarantee the best fit for an plus size overbust corset. 

Underbust Corset : Cheaper Corset

If your budget prohibits you from buying anything other than a standard-sized corset (like, custom a corset), and you don't have what the fashion industry considers a "medium" or "standard" bust size, a plus size underbust corset will make more sense for you.

Even in regular sizes, overbust corset tops are more expensive than underbust corset because they require more fabric, use a longer bust and longer bones. For example, the curvature of the bust requires extra time to stitch. So, unless you're determined to save up for a fitted overbust corset top, a underbust corset might be a better fit for your wallet.

At this point it sounds like I hate all overbust corsets, or that it's hard to find any positives about them, but that's not true! Here are some very admirable aspects of the fitted, overbust corset that we will now explore. 

Underbust Corset VS Overbust Corset

Overbust: Better Full Back Support

An overbust corset gives you back support that covers a wide area. In terms of posture, an overbust corset may be preferable to a underbust corset outfit. As mentioned earlier, the overbust corset is raised higher on the ribcage and often reaches the back scapula. That means it's actually hard to hunched over and lean over in a corset that's too close to your chest. Corsets underbust can support your lower back, but there were people wearing them still slouched. If your corset were worn higher, in the middle or higher of the thoracic spine, it can significantly reduce the likelihood of forward curling, rounded shoulders.

So the overbust corset support is much better, it gives you better posture, not only when walking or standing, but also when sitting. When you have a correct posture, you can also stay away from problems like back pain.

Overbust: Easy To Match

If you look at the collection of Meet Costumes corsets, you'll see that there are a variety of types and styles overbust corsets to choose. And they have XS to 7XL and a lot of color of each kind of corsets for you to choose. When choosing the right corset overbust, you don't have to worry about wearing it under your skirt. You don't have to figure out the right shirt to wear with a corset. If you have something like a overbust corsets with straps or a long sleeve overbust corsets , you can easily pair these plus size overbust corsets with your jeans or skirt as a fashion corset outfit.

All in all, these are some of the key differences between underbust and overbust. It's important to know these differences to see which corset is the suit you best. It is always recommended that you always get a corset according to your body type. Also, you should keep in mind that what you actually need by wearing a corset. No matter what corsets you choose, it's also important to buy them from the right stores, such as Meet Costumes, for authentic and quality corset outfits.

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