What Size Corset Should I Get ?


If you've never worn a corset before, or if you've only bought corsets from other store, you may wonder what size corset you should choose when you shopping with us. You may be wondering, "what size corset should i get?" or "should I choose my regular size?" or "Does it really fit? What if I pick the wrong one?"or"What if my waist size can fit but my bust does not? How to choose? " We try our best to let everyone who love corsets at least have one corset that suits them. Unlike many other mass produced corset sites, Meet Costumes offers a special size option for every two inches, rather than every four inches, we have 11 corset sizes for each corset. So Here comes a guidance about what size corset should you get!

Corset Size Chart for Our Plus Size Corset top

In one word, our corsets for women are designed by waistline and they are not made by the normal US size. Here below is a size chart of our corset. But we have more than 200 styles corsets in our online store and each corset size may has a little difference. So please kindly check the corset size chart on each product pages before you make the order.

corset size chart

How to Measure Corset Size ?

Here is a guide to measuring yourself for a corset plus size:

  1. First of all, make sure you stand up straight.
  2. Then pick up a fabric measuring tape or a marked string.
  3. Bust: wear a non-padded bra and measure the fullest part of your breasts. (You don’t have to measure your bust if you order the underbust corset. Measure your bust only when you need to choose a overbust corset.)
  4. Underbust: measure around the rib cage where your bra cage where your bra line is.
  5. Waist: your waist is between your hip bones and the bottom of your rib cage. Your body may curve in slightly. Natural Waist: Measure at the smallest part of your waist usually right above your belly button.
  6. Hips: measure where your hip bones are, not your butt or upper things.
  7. Torso: It’s best to start off sitting straight up in a chair with your back completely straight. You’ll then want to place the end of the measuring tape at your underbust line and bring it down to the top of your thigh.

If your waist measurement is bigger than your bust, consider underbust corset before trying an overbust corset, or stick to underbust corset belt for best possible look and most comfortable wear.

Not each corset need your torso length measured, but if you have a small torso, it is important to make sure you measure this size so that your corset will fit you as closely as possible. If the torso length of the corset is too long, it will move up when you sit down and even prevent you from sitting down. When taking this measurement, consider where you want the bottom of your corset top to stop when you sit down.

choose corset size

How to Know My Corset Size ?

We have plus size corset top and plus size corset dress for women. And each corset’s size may have a little difference. After you measured your self, please refer to our size chart on our product pages for each corset for plus size women. Below is a compare size to US size and UK, AU size.

Corset XS: roughly equal US size 2-4 ,   UK&AU size 4-6

Corset S: roughly equal US size 4-6 ,    UK&AU size 6-8

Corset M: roughly equal US size 6-8,    UK&AU size 8-10

Corset L: roughly equal US size 8-10,    UK&AU size 10-12

Corset XL: roughly equal US size 10-12   UK&AU size 12-14

Corset XXL: roughly equal US size 12-14  UK&AU size 14-16

Corset 3XL: roughly equal US size 14-16  UK&AU size 16-18

Corset 4XL: roughly equal US size 16-18  UK&AU size 18-20

Corset 5XL: roughly equal US size 18-20  UK&AU size 20-22

Corset 6XL: roughly equal US size 20-22  UK&AU size 22-24

Corset 7XL: roughly equal US size 22-24  UK&AU size 24-26


Free Corset Size Consultation

If you are not sure which corset size will fit you, feel free to contact us for a customized recommendation.

A: You can send us an email with your waist, your bust and your hip to sales@meecostumes.com or help@meetcostumes.com. We will reply with suggestion of the right corset size to you in 1 working days as soon as possible.

B: You can also chat with us on the corset size choosing matter by the online live chat. Feel free to let us know if we can help with anything else. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you do not want to wait, we will follow up with the contact information you provide.

How to wear a plus size corset top ?

We have zip front corset and corset with hook and eye front. But our corset for plus size women have the same adjustable structured corset lacing back. You may loose the tie on the back to fit if it small. And if it too big for you, you can also try to lace the tie closer on the back. In order to make the corset size fit you the best, here are four step to wear a corset right:

1: Loose the lacing on the back before you begin, then get the corset wrapped on your body;

2: Carefully align both sides of the corset on the front and clip it up;

3: Pull the laces, till you find your waist line perfect. Make sure you breathe smoothly;

4: Tie up the laces put the loose ends into the net. Finished put on!


Perfect fit makes perfect corset. A key step in ordering corset top for women is make sure the corset size fits your body the best. Don't make the mistake of ordering too small size just because you think you might look thinner. And vice versa - if it's too tight, it can be very unflattering, and uncomfortable. Pay close attention to each garment's corset size chart. You'll see it on each product description page. Note that you can use the size guide mentioned before as a general rule of thumb for various types of clothing. But before you place the order, be sure to check the custom size chart listed on each product page.

Do you know how to choose corset sizes by now? If you still have any question about our plus size corset top and plus size corset dress, feel free to contact us now!

All we want is that you could find the perfect corset. Hope you will find corsets and costumes you like on Meet Costumes!

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