Renaissance Corset

Renaissance style clothing embodies gorgeous style, as well as the labor and wisdom of the craftsman. Are you going to a renaissance party? Renaissance corsets or renaissance bustier corsets can take you back to the Victorian era. Wear one of our glamorous corsets for a romantic period vibe and you'll be a fashion star!

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2 products

Renaissance Corset Costume Introduction

If you're after an hourglass figure—full bust, slim waist, then renaissance costumes with corsets might be ideal for you.

The costumes of both men and women during the Renaissance broke the traditional conservative shapes and replaced them with gorgeous costumes and fabrics. And there is a full display of beauty in the shape and curve of the human body. Compared with the previous ones, women's renaissance corset is more prominent in slim waist and hips. In structure, the upper body is mostly V-shaped and the lower body is A-shaped, so the overall shape of women is X-shaped.

The renaissance costume corsets are perfect for women looking for the perfect figure, that's you! You have perfect body proportions, why not show it? The most important thing is that every piece of renaissance style corset back is adjustable to adapt to your figure at any time. The lustrous fabric will add a little flair to your renaissance outfit. Try and take it! Or, you can check our 10 best renaissance corsets blog.