Underbust Corsets


In fact, underbust corsets are more refreshing to wear than overbust corsets. The underbust corset top can make your waist look 2-5 inches less.

Meet Costumes offers a wide selection of bust bodice sizes. Get you ready for any occasion: steampunk extravaganzas, renaissance festivities, holiday festivities, Halloween parties, and anytime! Depending on the corset, some fit longer torso and some fit shorter torso, we have the best plus size underbust for you. Go shopping now!

4 products

4 products

Underbust Corset Outfit Introduction

An underbust corset sits below the bust. You'll need a separate piece of clothing, such as a bra, to support your breasts. Underbust corsets work better underneath clothing for a more natural look.

For women with very full breasts, we recommend a bustier corset for a more stylish and elegant look.

For women with smaller breasts, underbust corsets can make you appear larger.

An underbust corset that is both comfortable and flattering can add to your charm and enhance your aura. If you're doing waist training or body shaping and want to wear a corset every day, you can choose to start with a corset for your underbust. You will find some useful points on this page to help you choose the right underbust corset outfit!